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Health benefits have various good impacts on the physical and mental well-being of an individual. Studies have proved that brisk walking for even some time increases your life expectancy by a few hours. Morning walks help an individual in feeling better, and reduce the risk of diseases like cancer, heart stroke, or dementia. It also improves memory, increases energy, lowers blood pressure, and prevents weight gain. You can notice these effects by elevating your heart rate and increasing the frequency of morning walks per week.

1). It boosts the immune function of a person. Morning walks have reduced the risk of catching diseases and even if people do catch these diseases then their recovery rate is comparatively faster.
2). Better blood circulation. When we walk, the heart rate goes up and further lowers the blood pressure of an individual. This also reduces the risk of having a stroke.
3). An individual’s joints squish together when they walk. This allows more nutrients and oxygen to get into the joints and helps them work and feel better.
4). Morning walks also tone your legs and abdominal muscles. This improves the overall health of the person.
5). It also helps in clearing your mind. Walking increases the cognitive capabilities of an individual and people usually prefer to walk if they have to solve any problem going on in their head.
6). Walking boosts mental health and improves your mood. It has proven to cure mild to moderate depression.
Waking up in the morning and going for a walk is very good for your mental health. Most studies show that walking for 20-30 minutes or more gives the best results. It is also important that itis continued at least 5 days a week.
A morning walk usually starts and ends the day in a good mood. It can also inspire creativity. Studies show that standing and moving can make you more creative than sitting. Walking also improves your sleep quality and improves your overall mood the next morning.
When you walk or exercise, your body releases hormones that make you feel better mentally and emotionally.Dopamine to reduce stress and depression. Serotonin helps sleep and boosts mood. Testosterone improves strength and muscle mass in men.
Estrogen in women (may reduce symptoms of menopause)
Tips for morning walk:
If you like to stay up late and sleep, getting up early can be difficult. If you want to make your morning walk part of your new routine, here’s how to keep yourself motivated.
  •  Prepare your clothes and shoes the night before
  •  Create an energetic playlist
  •  Stretch properly
  •  Wear reflective clothing if walking in the dark to be visible to drivers
Make sure your walking goals are realistic. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise or exercise each day. But do what you think is right for your body. You can slowly increase the distance or length of your walk. Don’t let one day’s absence ruin your routine. It’s okay to take a day off and start right away the next day.

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