Message From Our Founder


Gagan Dhawan

Founder & CEO

In 2017, I had hit an all-time low, healthwise. I was in an absolutely unhealthy, poor shape. After a round of tests, I was medically advised to start taking heavy doses of cholesterol and blood pressure medicines in order to avoid dire consequences. It came as a shocking eye-opener for me. I began to do heavy research; and after consulting a lot of experts both in India and abroad, I learnt that there was no going back once you started taking medicines for cholesterol or BP.

I decided to get my act together. After talks with experts and my own research, I went on a 90-day routine, health and wellness change. I shifted to a whole plant-based diet, began to make small but significant changes in my lifestyle, such as getting in exercise, sleeping/waking up on time, including a lot of fluids, etc. Believe me, it was not easy for me. There were times I faltered but I soon picked myself up; because you see, I had resolved to change myself. After 3 months of following this new pattern religiously, I got my tests redone. Lo and behold! I was declared absolutely fit. I no longer needed any medication. Today, I have found that I am addicted to my new and healthy self. And, THAT is what I want other people to experience.

People find it hard to find time for self-care, unless it is too late. I personally want people to feel as driven, fit, and full of vitality as I do. This is how the concept of The New Me began. Ours is a company dedicated towards bringing better health to people. We are driven and motivated by a mission to forge a change in people’s lives by introducing them to wholesome, plant-based food habits and encouraging them to include simple and practical changes in their lives along with some form of daily exercise.

We are on a mission to make sure we benefit as many people as we can in turning their lives around with our The New Me books. The books take a multi-pronged approach to include nutrition and practical workout regimen. You buy this pocket-friendly treasure once and own it forever. What’s more, you will not need to go to expensive physical trainers or dieticians once you follow the books faithfully.

Compiled under the guidance of the best of consultants and experts, The New Me box of goodness is guaranteed to empower YOU and to change your life for the better. You will see the difference on your face, your skin, and let’s not even talk about where your energy levels will fly!

We are here to help you eat well, look good and most importantly, feel good. Once you see the shift in yourself, we can guarantee you would never want to go back.

Our Team of Experts


Sheetal Sawhney

Yoga Expert

Aditya Arora

Fitness Coach

Dr Swati Kedia Gupta

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Nandita Shah

Holistic Lifestyle Expert

Our Mission

The aim of wellness is to move towards natural vitality, which leads to healthy longevity. At The New Me, we value wellness. Our mission is to make people lead better lives by helping them make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle. With guidance from experts, we aim to empower people to live their best lives. More importantly, we aim to help move people away from focus on weight loss, which may create emotional and mental diseases, towards sustainable behavioural and habit change.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To invest in health and transform lives by making whole plant-based nutritional advice, practical and sustainable lifestyle changes; and workout guidance accessible to people of all ages


Our Core Values

  • – We hold integrity: we lead by example and practice what we preach.
  • – We are passionate: we love what we do simply because we do what we love.
  • – We have courage: we ask difficult, sometimes uncomfortable questions of ourselves and others.
  • – We are kind: we keep an open mind and a sympathetic heart.