Find your Balance

Amplify your stamina and immunity with our yoga asanas.



Find Your Balance: A Guidebook on Practicing Hath Yoga

In this book, you will find easy and practical yogasanas to start your day. With daily practice, you will feel your body open up as days go by. You will find that your stamina and energy levels are improving by the week; and any niggling aches and pains have begun to disappear. From basic warm-up through intermediate and advanced level for a beginner, the transition is guaranteed to be sure, provided the asanas are practiced every day. Once you get addicted to this kind of increased energy, we assure you, you will never go a day without practice.

The book has been authored by Sheetal Sawhney, an ex-banker who gave up a successful career to be a yoga instructor. The asanas curated in the book by Sheetal have been carefully interwoven using breathwork in order to build a practitioner’s Stamina and flexibility and bestow the mind with joy and calmness.