What Does Basil Do For The Body?

Basil is perhaps one of the most popular herbs in India and Greece, and its intoxicating fragrance is much loved by herbal tea drinkers. They are easy to grow anywhere, including containers and pots. Basil works well for salads and makes for a good combination with garlic and tomatoes. So, what does basil do for the body? And why is it revered by all? Let’s have a look at some of the top benefits of this powerful healing herb.

Basil is a powerful antioxidant

By regularly consuming basil in the form of tea one can keep their immunity strong. Diseases can be kept at bay by supporting the immune function and preventing the slow damage of cells caused by free radicals. Basil is a natural source of antioxidants and an easy-to-consume herb. Because of covid-19 and the impact of the virus on our immune system, Basil tea has grown in popularity and demand. 

It regulates Blood Sugar levels

By adding basil to our diet, we can reduce high blood sugar levels and prevent the occurence of signs and symptoms of high blood sugar levels such as fatigue, frequent urination, dry mouth, etc.

Basil has antibacterial properties

Consuming basil makes it easier for our body to fight bacterial infections and it helps those who have skin related problems or urinary problems, etc.

It reduces inflammation

Basil has anti-inflammatory properties that helps the body fight inflammation and helps promote gut health. Bowel issues, heart diseases and arthritis can be prevented by increasing one’s intake of basil as part of their plant-based diet.

Basil is good for the skin

Basil water or basil tea can improve the condition of the skin by helping the body fight off diseases and infections. Starting the day with basil leaves soaked in warm water is a good health practice. It keeps the skin young and supple.

It reduces signs of anxiety

If you are feeling stressed and anxious, having a cup of basil tea may help you calm your nerves and make you feel better. All parts of the holy basil are adaptogens. An adaptogen is a natural substance that helps the body cope with stress. A stress free mind is essential for loving a good life and making healthy choices daily. 

Good for boosting metabolism

It’s easier for the body to burn extra calories when our metabolism is good and we can make this happen with tulsi tea. Regular consumption of Basil tea can significantly help our weight management goals. Starting the day with Basil tea is a great way to stay on track with our weight loss goals.

Fight off fever, cold and cough

An ancient Ayurvedic remedy for common cold and cough, Basil is a must have herb for Indian households. Fever and its symptoms can be reduced by eating Basil or drinking Basil tea. Since Basil chewing has a bad impact on our teeth, it’s best to consume it as a herbal tea. 

The best way to consume Basil and to make it a part of your diet:

Boil Basil leaves or soak them in a cup of boiled water. Let it steep for a few minutes and then drink this herbal drink to fight off infections and to keep your immune system strong. 


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