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The Ultimate Weight Loss Checklist

Weight loss is an extremely popular search term and people around the globe are battling obesity and trying to lose weight. Weight loss is not about looking good or conforming to any beauty standards. It’s about maintaining a healthy body weight to avoid the risk of various other diseases. When we are overweight, our blood sugar levels are high and we are at a higher risk of heart diseases and compromised immunity. We have prepared a checklist of things to try and incorporate in your lifestyle to achieve your weight loss goals.

Our ultimate weight loss checklist includes:

Get yourself tested for hypothyroidism

Is your thyroid gland functioning well or have you been suffering from all the signs of an underactive thyroid? You may be lethargic and listless, and may lack the motivation to even exercise when you suffer from hypothyroidism. Thyroid medication is necessary to control the symptoms. Eating thyroid friendly foods and avoiding those which aggravate the condition is a must. Sugar and refined carbs should be strictly avoided.

Drink plenty of water

If you keep your body hydrated with plain drinking water, you will not have to deal with sugar cravings. By drinking 3-4 litres of water daily, you can cut back on sugar and calories, and as a result, burn more calories each day. Drinking water before meals is helpful for those who are trying to control their calories and following a healthy diet.

Get enough sleep

Not sleeping on time at night can mess up your body’s functioning and repair work that happens when we sleep is impaired. Consequently, we suffer from various ailments. Early to bed and early to rise is a weight loss secret that definitely works. Stress levels increase when we are sleep deprived and this leads to unexplained weight gain. Research suggests that sleep in interlinked with obesity.

Try intermittent fasting

Shorter eating windows of 6-8 hours each day, fasting for 16-18 hours, and sticking to a calorie restricted diet helps with weight loss. One must eat healthy and nutritious food even when they are intermittent fasting. The source of our nutrition makes a big difference in how we feel and how fast we lose weight. Eating apples, cucumbers, quinoa, chia seeds, oranges, water melon, etc will always be a healthier choice.

Walk around and stay active

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao Tzu

Instead of giving up on walking because it’s difficult, keep increasing your step count each day. It’s okay if you fail to walk today. You must get back to it tomorrow and over a period of time, you will find walking to be as effortless as breathing.

Change your goals

Instead of trying to lose weight daily, focus on how to get healthier each day. Choose good health and try to change your lifestyle completely. Define the kind of person you wish to be and write down the qualities that you admire. When we write something down, we have clarity and find it easier to focus. Get help from our practical guide.


Weight loss cannot happen without daily exercise. There are all kinds of exercises that you can try and these include running, biking, pilates, yoga, strength training exercises, jump rope, jumping jacks, kettle ball exercices – do what feels easy and keep improving your intensity as well as exercise routine. Be patient with yourself.


Maintaining a daily food journal helps us keep an eye on the progress we are making. Self awareness is the key to developing healthy habits. Your journals will help you understand your eating habits as well as your subconscious patterns.

Give up comparison

Choose to be healthy for yourself and not to impress others or to be better than anyone else. It does not matter what others are doing. What matters is what you choose to do for yourself each day and how you can make self care a priority.

Mental wellness

Trauma or repressed emotions can make us gain weight because we have a negative self image. We make choices that don’t serve us. Healing our mind can help us make improvements in all areas of our life, including physical health.

Conclusion: Make your weightloss journey all about getting fitter and healthier. Your weight loss checklist should target healing of the mind, body, and soul, so that you don’t have to deal with ailments ever again.


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