Toxic Relationship Behaviours: A Complete Guide

Toxic relationships have now become the new norm and unfortunately, unless we know the signs we cannot avoid them. Highlighted below are some key signs you need to look for to identify if you are experiencing them. Toxic relationship behaviours will be easier to identify once you become aware of them.

Unhealthy communication

It may feel like you can’t share your true self with them or they seem disinterested in understanding you. It’s not the right bond for you if you can’t express yourself freely.

They don’t care about your special days

If they don’t value you, they will not try to make you happy or make an effort to show they care.

It’s always about their convenience

There’s equal give and take in healthy relationships and this imbalance is a sign that things are unhealthy.

They ignore you whenever they want

If they ignore you on purpose, don’t return your calls or ignore your message for days, why are you even friends with them? Or worse, in a relationship with them?

You feel disrespected

If you feel like a burden on them and they make you feel guilty for expressing your needs, this is a toxic behaviour that you need to walk away from. Life is too short to accept anything but healthy love.

You feel low and depressed

A toxic bond can completely drain you of all energy and you may not have the motivation to get anything done. Even after ending this, the trauma stays. It takes time to rebuild yourself.

They humiliate or embarrass you

When we are stuck in a toxic cycle, we end up tolerating verbal abuse and this continues till we do something about it. The abuser never stops unless you make them. Walk away from such situations and take time to heal.

You are not their priority

Apart from making you aware of this through their actions, some are capable of saying it out loud. In situations like these the victim may end up questioning their self worth. Instead of expecting things to change by giving too much of yourself, do yourself a favour, and go away from such situations for good. An unhealthy relationship does not turn into a healthy one through self sacrifice.

These are some toxic relationship behaviours and there’s more. We hope to keep adding to our list here to make it a complete guide for you soon.

How to end this cycle?

Stop being in denial
Seek therapy
Talk to a friend about it
Read self help books
Keep a log of your daily emotions and thoughts about the relationship and how you feel because of it
There is no shame in endings. Don’t blame yourself.


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