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Top Reasons to Quit Sugar

Do you also binge eat ice-cream in front of the television screen? Because let’s face it, who doesn’t!

With approximately 166.18 million metric tons of global production last year, the sugar industry thrives because of us – its loyal customers.

But while having a sweet tooth is not a crime, overconsumption of sugar can be very hazardous for health.

So, next time when the random person that you liked ghosts you on Instagram, you must turn down that sweet snack you want so badly to lean on to, and here is why.

Top Reasons Why You Need To Quit Sugar :

1. Sugar can be the root cause for obesity

The added sugar in food (especially fructose) is very likely to increase the production of hunger-promoting hormone ghrelin. This may cause you to overeat. 

Moreover, synthetic sugar rich foods tend to have a low concentration of protein. And because high protein is necessary to feel full after a meal – sugary foods will not make you feel full soon enough. This will again lead to overconsumption and hence, weight gain.

2. Increased risk of Diabetes

Sugar doesn’t directly cause diabetes, but it adds to the body weight and an obese person is more likely to develop diabetes (type 2). Therefore, cutting out added sugar (in junk foods, processed foods and beverages) is an important step as those do not contribute to the natural glucose requirement of our body and only serve to add extra weight, responsible for health risks.

3. Dental problems which may lead to heart disease 

Sugar molecules combine with the saliva to cause plaque. Plaque, if not washed away by brushing the teeth, may turn acidic and cause cavities to form. Too much sugar makes it impossible to wash everything away and avoid this consequence.

There are harmful bacteria in your mouth that feed on sugar and starch. Gum diseases originate from gingivitis and develop to form periodontal disease. This periodontal disease may eventually cause coronary artery disease. How? Because periodontitis involves both gum tissues and the bones beneath the gums and hence those bacteria can travel throughout the body.

4. Accelerates ageing

Yes, you read that right. When sugar enters your bloodstream, it attaches itself to proteins and causing their degeneration (to produce AGEs). Elastin and collagen, responsible for plumpness and tightening of your skin, are both proteins. These also end up dissolving or with a diminished quality – thanks to the sugar you consumed.

So, the reason for your dark circles might just not be lack of sleep – it’s the sugar highs!

5. Makes depression worse

Movies have always linked eating sugary foods post breakups as a solution for those blues. But in reality, it’s quite the contrary. Research has found that people who eat more processed foods like sweetened deserts (yes, unfortunately your favourite cookie dough ice-cream too), are more likely to be diagnosed with depression. This is because a diet high in sugar causes inflammation. It leads to loss of appetite, and changes in sleep patterns – symptoms which are common in people with depression. Indeed your sugar and your blues go hand in hand, and you need to cut one off to get rid of the other.

But the good news is, it is only processed foods and synthetic sweeteners that cause this damage. Natural sugars are actually an essential source of glucose and so, feel free to binge on a plate full of sweet and exotic fruits.


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