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When people think of a weight loss program they often imagine an arduous task and impossibly hard tasks. A strict diet plan, long hours in the gym, and other restrictions on your time and freedom. These thoughts often make people switch plans, because the road ahead can look too daunting. After all, it is never easy to alter habits that have been developed over a considerable period of time. To lose weight one definitely requires discipline but not necessarily a strict regimen. Those can at times demotivate a person from proceeding further. Did you know that spices that add flavor to your meals can also help you to reduce your weight and provide multiple other health benefits? Let’s discuss the link between spices and weight loss. Here are the best spice infused drinks that you should have to help your weight loss regimen.

Cinnamon Water

Cinnamon, also known as Dal Chini, is used in several Indian meals. You will be amazed to learn this sweet-bitter tasting spice can assist you to lose weight as well. Yes, you read it correctly. Particularly if you are trying to reduce that belly fat, you should try cinnamon water. Cinnamon assists you in losing weight by suppressing appetite, regulating blood sugar and strengthening your metabolism.

How To Prepare Cinnamon Water

Boil 1 glass of water with cinnamon in it. Drink this water every night before you go to bed. Have this for at least 20 to 30 days to get the benefits.

Jeera Water

These small flavored seeds are an important ingredient in Indian meals. These seeds are helpful in solving health related problems such as poor digestion, constipation, slow metabolism, and insulin resistance. It is also impactful in burning belly fat and thus supporting weight loss.

How To Prepare Jeera Water

You can prepare jeera water in 2 easy methods. First, by having a teaspoon of jeera in a glass of water and letting it boil for nearly 5 minutes. You can consume this drink at once or keep sipping it. Second, you can soak a teaspoon of jeera in a glass of water overnight. Drink this water on an empty stomach when you get up in the morning.

Ajwain Water

Ajwain, also known as cumin, has been in use for centuries for its medicinal qualities. It is a must-use spice in just about all Indian delicacies and is used to protect one from the cold weather. Not just that, these small seeds can help you reduce weight too. They do so by improving your digestion and boosting your metabolism.

How To Prepare Ajwain Water

Preparing ajwain water is simple. Take about 25 grams of ajwain and soak it overnight in a glass of water. Strain the ajwain and drink this water first thing in the morning. You can add honey to make it taste a little better. Always remember that sustainable weight loss is the correct combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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