New Me Health Kit


Package Content

1. An *INTRODUCTION BOOK* (manual)- Enabling you to understand and practice the balance of life

2. Unfolding all secrets in our *DIET BOOK* (available in general and vegan diets)

3. Improving overall functioning with the *WORKOUT BOOK*

4. *CHECKLISTS*- For timely tracking one’s progress.



“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. We all know what’s good for us and what’s not. But why are that only a few people are able to conquer their ill habits while others don’t? It’s a human tendency to be able to perform better when we’re accountable to someone. When we receive an extra push from the outside, the probability of producing better results increases. With this philosophy Team, RHI Printographics has launched, “The New Me” Health Kit to guide, monitor, and Transform Your Mind, Body, And Soul. This fitness platform is created by Mr. Gagan Dhawan, to give the right and correct fitness assistance to people. This shall cover physical as well as psychological fitness. The New Me will be a solution to health-related problems faced by individuals and how to be more efficient for both men and women and is available in both Hindi and English. This initiative is expected to act as your personal trainer. The proposal contains a variety of workout plans curated by experienced professionals that will help people find a way to regain their posture, strength, and agility. The diet plan (General/Vegan) from renowned dieticians and experts is another important facet through which people can know about the ideal diet plans for achieving specific fitness goals. Apart from the diet and workouts, it will also focus on reviving and restoring a person’s confidence and self-worth by encouraging them to achieve a certain mental and physical fitness goal. Never before plans for helping people quit smoking is an add-on to the benefit provided in The New Me health kit. It would target overall wellness in a more holistic approach by helping you stay free from diseases, staying physically fit, and peaceful. The 90 days lifestyle change course would reflect on the importance of inner peace, mental awareness, physical fitness, and how to maintain these aspects to lead a good life the same. Time has come to level up the game.

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