Health Affirmations That Work Like Magic

Health affirmations are strong statements that we repeat to ourselves to replace negative self talk with a positive mindset. By doing this we empower ourselves to stay on course with our health goals. We create a lifestyle that enriches our mind, body and soul. Practice these incredibly powerful health affirmations and they will surely impact your health, fitness and energy in a significant manner.

I love my body and I am grateful for all that it does for me.

This is a great reminder because we often don’t realize the amount of work our body does for us each day by keeping us healthy enough to get us through the day. We compare ourselves with others who seemingly have more energy and better metabolism and we curse our body for failing us in some ways. Instead of this, learn to love your body no matter what.

My body is a fat burning machine.

When we program our subconscious mind with this health affirmation, we will be acting accordingly. We will develop a mindset for choosing well. Our diet will improve and we will take inspired action that results in weight loss.

Healing comes naturally to me.

Life is all about waking up each day with a new realization about things that need more healing. We need to be gentle with our mind and body and do things that help us recover from past trauma or painful experiences that may cause health problems, if not addressed. By repeating this powerful health affirmation, we will be open to healing and feel better by releasing all subconscious trapped energy.

I enjoy perfect health each day.

Each new day is a chance for us to begin anew. We must reset things that don’t work and choose what is for our highest good. This health affirmation stresses upon the power and importance of new beginnings. By letting go of things that didn’t work in the past, we make room for good health and happiness.


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