Personal Transformation Hacks to Try in 2021

The greatest challenge during the Covid-19 pandemic was overcoming MONOTONY. Surely, you felt stuck, both physically and mentally; in fact, everyone did. The whole world came to some type of a halt and with it, so did our personal development and fulfilment.

Whether it is pure passion and ambition, a dire need for a change, or plain discontentment fuelling your desire to want to transform into your ideal (or perhaps just a slightly better) self, we’ve got your back.

Here are 8 personal transformation hacks for you to try in 2021 :

1. Accept that every day won’t be your best day

If you’re reading this article you are possibly feeling somewhat motivated right now. Good for you, and you should definitely utilize this motivation (even feel free to pull your entire life together in an hour), but the real journey starts when you run out of motivation.
So, first and foremost, REMEMBER that some days you’ll run a whole marathon, whereas on some other days, pushing yourself out of bed will feel equal to running a whole marathon. 

Give yourself equal credit for both.

2. Make small goals and celebrate small successes

It is believed that making your bed is the first achievement of the day and leads to productive upcoming hours. 

Similarly, write down tiny things like ‘make breakfast’, ‘sing along to my favourite song’, ‘read a book’, ‘take an evening walk’, ‘feed the pigeons’, basically ANYTHING which contributes to your happiness and contentment. 

If you celebrate small successes, you’ll end up feeling comparatively more productive without doing any big drastic things.

3. Small Goals and Big Goals go hand in hand

A small goal – ‘Wash my hair’, ‘Do a 10 minute workout’, ‘Clean the bedroom’ etc.
A big goal – ‘Get a promotion at work’, ‘Travel to Italy’, ‘Publish a book’ etc.

Now, for instance, if you were to publish a book, you’d have to write it gradually – little by little, page after page. 

You cannot lift a mountain if you can’t lift a pebble. 

Similarly, your ability to achieve small goals fuels your chances of achieving big goals. Simple as that.

4. Self inquisition : Breaking down an emotion

Have you ever burst into tears without any good reason? Had a particularly bad or felt particularly low for no reason?
Well guess what, there WAS a reason – there always is a reason. So, start being inquisitive about your emotions. Ask yourself a simple ‘why’ question.
For example – Why am I feeling so restless? Is it annoyance? Boredom? Did something happen to trigger this reaction?
An emotion is never invalid and always has an origin. Try to find its root. Once you do, attempt to address and solve the problem.

5. Change aesthetics

Our outer appearance strongly influences how we feel. One could say that daily life is like dressing up for Halloween. As soon as you put on that Gryffindor outfit and carry a wand, you’ll feel like a proper wizard. Similarly, who you are for the day depends on how you decide to dress on the outside.

When you look good, you feel good. Feel free to test this theory by dressing up as someone straight out of a JK Rowling novel (just don’t go casting any naughty spells).

6. Clean your surroundings

Pulling together your life mentally, requires organising your surroundings physically. Orderly environment is the key to an orderly mind. Stop clinging on to the things you no longer use, and donate or discard them (Just like you should stop clinging to past regrets that no longer matter).

7. Remember, the main goal is consistency

Whether you’re taking baby steps or walking like a T-Rex, do it consistently. Even if you perform with different efficiency each day, getting more or less done – the main goal is to PERFORM and get SOMETHING done. Be consistent. The more you do, the easier it will get over time.

8. Take a break

It is more than okay to take a day off and rest. Make sure that if you’re ditching all tasks and responsibilities, you must do it unapologetically. Don’t stress about not stressing.
But be careful. Learn to differentiate between rest and procrastination. Do not let your short-lived resting phase turn into an unproductive and lethargic couple of days.

Find something therapeutic to invest your time in – be it binge watching a series, playing video games, taking long naps – and go for it.


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