Mental Health Practices for Young Adults

When our minds are free, the world seems like a friendlier place. When things are chaotic internally, we tend to suffer, and may even blame others for our suffering. Things spiral out of control when we remain in this blaming mode instead of making self-care a priority. It’s important to make life livable by choosing things that are healthy for our mind, body and soul. A spiritual journey is not just about practicing yoga or meditating. It’s about understanding why we need to do this, and discover all we can about ourselves. The greatest power lies in mastering ourselves, not others. Highlighted below are some essential mental health practices helpful for young adults.

Sleep is a must

Getting a good night’s sleep is a priority for good health. Increasing our screen time till late in the night can make us ill and we may develop many unhealthy conditions, such as obesity, anxiety or stress without knowing why. Lack of sleep can cause these problems.

Follow your feelings

Trust your inner guide and instead of following others blindly, listen to your own needs. See how you can make things happen for yourself each day. When something makes you feel bad, learn to detach from it. Pain can be addictive but it can never be your truth. Sooner or later you will learn your lesson and do what’s best for you.

Reduce your screen time

Dopamine addiction can cause depression and self worth related problems may arise if you already have a low self-esteem. Having time to yourself for self care can make you focus on all that is going well in your life. By changing your habits and choosing to take a break you will empower yourself to be someone in charge of their life and happiness. 

Connect with friends

Isolation has become necessary during this ongoing pandemic but it’s beneficial to stay in touch with close friends, in any way we can. It’s important to express your fears and to share in their joy. Friends help improve the quality of life and fill it with good memories and adventure. 

Learn to say No

If you don’t feel like doing it, don’t. Say no to things that make you feel miserable. We often go along with plans because we don’t want to offend our friends or family. But by doing this, we only reinforce the fact that others are more important than us. There are some situations where it makes sense to tag along and do things that may not necessarily thrill your soul but can make your best friend happy. This is about saying no to things that clearly make you feel used and disrespected. Anything that makes you question your self worth is never worth your time.

Practice meditation

Even 15 minutes a day can make a difference to your mental well being. It helps relieve stress and makes you focus on the present moment. Connecting with your inner self is essential for feeling good and accelerating the process of healing each day. Words of affirmation, deep breathing, chanting, or listening to meditation music – all these techniques will have a profound impact once you believe in them.

Choose mental health practices that bring you freedom from worries. We all deserve to live a life that satisfies us deeply in all areas of our life.

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