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Most people think that if they stop eating or do heavy fasting for a few days in a week they are going to lose weight. Some think that they will find a magic pill and lose weight by eating it. Eating medicine is the worst thing that you could do to your body. Getting trapped in this cycle where you obsess over your weight and self-loathe yourself for losing and gaining a few kgs extra repeatedly is a waste of time. Losing weight is as simple as breathing air if you inculcate just a few healthy habits in your lifestyle. No supplement, no protein is going to give you the body weight or even the abs you desire. This can only be achieved through patience, mindfulness, and healthy eating. Here are a few suggestions that you could consider if you are obsessing over your weight and you don’t know where to start.


1). Keep the weighing machine away-

This might sound a bit challenging and you might wonder, ” How am I ever going to know that I’m actually losing weight?”

Frankly speaking, a weighing machine just gives you a number. Don’t be a slave of a number on the machine. Just pick something that you can’t fit into currently like a stretchable pair of pants or cotton t-shirt and notice when you fit into it. Measure your progress by these criteria. It can be tough in the beginning but you will eventually make your way to it.

2). Set a goal-

You should know what you are losing weight for. Knowing why you want to lose weight helps you to stay motivated and moves you closer to the goal. If you’re just trying to lose weight because your friends or family think you should, it’s just a waste of time. So, know your motivation.


3). Don’t obsess with calorie count-

Some people have an obsession with clean eating or they count every calorie they eat. This is not good for you. You should eat everything in moderation. Following a healthy diet is a very good idea but don’t suppress your cravings all the time. If you eat healthily and exercise you don’t need a calorie count at all.


4). Eat fresh most of the time-

I’m not saying don’t crave your favorite food, but don’t keep it at a place where it’s easily accessible to you like your home. Eat whole grains, green leafy vegetables, cucumber, and beans. That way you will get less hungry because you will know what you have to eat. Plus these foods give the exact nutrition and energy that is required by your body.


5). Be kind to yourself-

Eat food that nourishes your body and not the ones that abuse it. When you are kind to your body and know what is good for it and what is not, you will do the best for yourself. Take it slow. Reduce the portion of unhealthy eating that you do spoon by spoon but get to it.


The bottom line is

If you love your body and accept the way you are things will happen much faster. Beating yourself up just because you can’t lose weight isn’t a solution for it. You need to be more mindful about eating and exercising and obsess less about what your friends say or what the weighing machine says. It’s okay just take the right steps and you will achieve the desired results. Don’t lose that self-motivation you got. You gotta lose fat and not mind! Just remember that.

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