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Every other person wants to have a healthy body and mind. In order to maintain proper physical health, one should take adequate diet to maintain their body weight and keep themselves away from various diseases. But maintaining weight is that easy? Most people have a stubborn layer of body fat in particular region which makes the appearance less appealing to one’s eye. From few years the concept of spot reduction is getting prominent day by day and people think it as a way of reducing that particular region of body fat.

Spot Reduction is actually a myth. Basically, focusing on a particular body area like abdominal region or thighs or arms or chest of accumulated body fat and working out for that will make it any less is known as Spot Reduction. Most people feel pain in certain region while doing particular exercises, let’s say for legs – squats, leg press, lunges and many other leg workouts considering it a part of spot reduction process but what they don’t understand is this pain is caused due to excessive energy used in particular area and not because this pain will help in making their legs look slimmer. Many fitness videos are uploaded on YouTube and other sites with the title of loose belly fat in 5 weeks having content with exercises taking account of belly region in it only is pure example of misleading content to gain views and likes. This also disturbs the whole mindset of working out. Our body is like an ecosystem it behaves in its own manner and nothing can be more or less. Body weight always reduces throughout the body and not on certain area. Loosing fat is not at all an easy job and spot reduction only makes it worse as performing a particular exercise for a long period of time will only bore one out but also destroys the enthusiasm and will of working out because of no change. What should be done to remove that particular area fat- It is very clear now that spot reduction is not at all helpful and clearly a fallacy. Following a healthy and a calorie deficit diet creates a positive attitude and active body. Body mass is byproduct of excess calories we consume. Consuming 3000 calories in a day and burning 3500 does makes a difference as the extra 500 is created from already stored stubborn body fat cells and converted into energy. Also, regular workout involving whole body especially cardio and strength training is most important step to lose.
We can maintain lifestyle in any way we want effecting body weight but what we can’t determine is what unhealthy habits will create an impact such as obesity or fat layer in certain parts. Gender and genetics also play a very important role in this and every body has its own working mechanism which can’t be compared to others and feel worth of your hard work and time you are investing on it.

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