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Impressive Health Benefits of Olive Oil

The innumerable health benefits of Olive oil makes it one of the healthiest oils for cooking. The production of olive oil dates back to 4000 BC or earlier. The Greek God Aristaeus is referred to as the inventor of olive oil and for the press used to extract it. He spread it throughout the Balkan Peninsula, Sardinia and Sicily. Olives have also been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 2000 years BC. Olive oil is wonderful for heart health, keeping our skin and hair healthy and for keeping innumerable diseases at bay.

Here are 5 impressive health benefits of olive oil and why should include it in your diet:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Healthy Fat

It has a wide range of anti-inflammatory effects. Monounsaturated fat reduces disease risk. Unsaturated fats are a healthy type of fat and extra virgin olive oil is a rich source.

Use Olive Oil as a Herbal Remedy

Whether it’s to fix hair problems or formulations to cure skin diseases, olive oil remains a popular ingredient for curing all kinds of health problems.

It’s a wonderful moisturizer

Use olive oil directly on the skin for moisturising without mixing it with any other ingredient. It keeps the skin soft and supple. It soothes sunburn. Apart from those with acne-prone or sensitive skin, olive oil is good to use for all skincare purposes.

It works as an anti-ageing remedy

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and if we consume it or apply it on our skin, we can prevent the signs and problems that come with ageing. Cold-pressed olive oil has a reputation for preventing premature ageing. It supports our brain health and improves cognitive function.

Olive Oil is anti-inflammatory

Chronic inflammation causes diseases like diabetes, arthritis, obesity. Extra Virgin olive oil/cold pressed olive oil is recommended as a healthy addition to our diet to reduce inflammation.

Olive oil is good for maintaining a good weight

Those on a weight loss journey will benefit from adding olive oil to their diet for cooking purposes. Olive oil has good fats and it keeps our heart healthy. Metabolic syndrome related problems and obesity can be prevented by consuming this healthy oil. It reduces type 2 diabetes risk. Hence, it’s safe to say that it is one of the healthiest oils one can use for cooking.

Some types of olive oil:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – made from the first pressing of olives, this has all the nutrients of olive oil.
  • Virgin Olive Oil – this has higher acidity content than extra virgin olive oil and it’s best for cooking in low heat.
  • Cold pressed olive oil – cold pressed olive oil is prepared by the cold pressing method without using heat.
  • Refined olive oil – it has less nutrients than its virgin counterpart but is healthy for regular cooking.
  • Light refined olive oil – this type has fewer nutrients than the other types of olive oils.
  • Pomace olive oil – pomace olive oil is prepared from the spun pulp of the olives that was used to prepare extra virgin olive oil. It lacks the flavour and health benefits of virgin olive oil.

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