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Metabolism is a very crucial process for the rightful functioning of our body. It is nothing but the chemical
transformations inside the cell which are essential for the sustenance of the living body. Metabolism is the rate at which
the body burns calories to provide the necessary energy to the body for its functioning. It depends on several factors like age,
sex, body fat, muscle mass, activity level, and genetics.

1). Don’t choose to go for the traditional dieting
In order to lose weight many people wrongly believe that eating less or intake fewer calories in their body is going to
help them lose weight. This however is false. Eating fewer food results in loss of muscle mass and also a lot of nutrient
deficiencies. Hence, instead of dieting go for a simple home diet along with exercises. Eating less lowers the metabolism

2). Get enough protein
More muscle mass means a faster metabolism rate. The more is the intake of protein by the body, the more is the muscle
gain and hence faster is the metabolism rate. The best way is to include as much protein in your diet as possible. Proteins
can be taken in form of legumes and sprouts mostly.

3). Sleep enough

When a person sleeps less, there is a release of hormones which makes you hungry and you feel like you are never full.
The studies show that at least 6-8 hours of sleep is needed by adults per night otherwise their metabolism rate gets affected.

4). Intake of vitamin B
Intake of vitamin B plays an important role in metabolism rate. Vitamin B can be found in bananas, orange juice, peas,
spinach, and whole-grain foods.

5). HIIT Training
Trying high-intensity interval training helps burn more calories and hence increases the metabolism rate. It is an
alternative to steady cardio exercises like swimming, running, and more.

6). Stress reduction
Stress releases a hormone known as cortisol which is responsible for increasing the appetite. When you stress more,
more cortisol is released and hence you get more hungry. Disordered eating and unhealthy eating habits are due to stress
which can disrupt the metabolism rate.

7). Increase water intake
Increase the quantity of water you consume every day, the metabolism rate also increases. Drinking more water also
helps in losing more weight and it also keeps you fit and healthy.

8). Avoid caffeine
Drinking cups of coffee and stuffing your body with caffeine just lowers your appetite. Lowering of appetite means that you
eat less and so your calorie intake decreases. This causes a slower metabolism rate.

9). Consume broccoli
Broccoli is very rich in calcium and vitamin C. Broccoli is also rich in fiber and it kills the cancer-causing cells and
slowers the disease progression cells.

10). Laugh out loud
Laughing more leads to burning 40-170 calories a day and the more calories you burn higher the metabolism rate.
The conclusion of the article is that metabolism rate is something that is a very important factor for the healthy
sustenance of living beings. We can increase the metabolism not in a day or so but adapting all healthy lifestyle can boost
your metabolism. So stay healthy and focus on your actions and diet.

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