How to Live Your Best Life with Less

The concept of minimalism is often misunderstood as acting too cold and detached or owning less materialistic things. In fact, minimalism is much more than just decluttering your physical space. It is a way of living, which embodies the idea of possessing things that actually hold value in your life.

Minimalism is about a mindset, not forced habits. Everyone can have a unique definition and timeline of the following minimalism. It does not necessarily mean that you become the next Chris McCandless, leave everything behind, and live out of a backpack for the rest of your life.

(Although you can if that version of minimalism resonates with you!)

Minimalism is an intentional effort to create a lifestyle that revolves around the things and practices that matter to you. It is easier to focus on your personal growth when you simplify the complexities and remove unwanted distractions from your life.

Here are 7 tips to help you explore the world of minimalism:

  1. Create a minimalist spot in your homeThis is a great way to help you explore your own idea of minimalism without making drastic changes overnight. Choose one spot in your home that you’re comfortable with. Size doesn’t matter here. It can be as big or small you want it to be. Keep this spot simple and clutter-free. Consider this as a test run for minimalism.The idea is to intentionally create a minimalist space in your home to get you acquainted with this lifestyle. This space could be a reading corner, a meditation zone, or even something very small like maintaining a clutter-free coffee table or kitchen slab.
  2.  Be mindful and live in the presentRegretting what happened in the past or feeling anxious over the uncertainty of the future disrupts your present. Appreciate what you have right now. Focus on doing what you can at this very moment since that is something you can control.
  1. Manage your expectations
    Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, everything cannot change overnight. Ease yourself into minimalism and start small. Discarding everything that you own tonight, will not change the person you are tomorrow.
    Real change takes time, patience, and persistent efforts.
  2. Eliminate Mental Clutter
    Decluttering your mental clutter is as important as managing physical clutter. Remove all unwanted things, thoughts, feelings, activities, and people that are unnecessarily filling up your space and time. Each time your thoughts go all over the place, gently bring them back to focus on the task at hand.The combination of having a clear mental space and practicing mindfulness daily can give you a positive and healthy outlook on life.
  3. Simplify Your Wardrobe

    There’s a reason why successful people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates dress simple every day. Having a wardrobe with only the clothes you like or feel great in saves a lot of time and hassle.
    Start by getting rid of clothes that don’t fit, that you don’t like, or you have not worn in the last two years. Cleaning out your closet will reduce a lot of stress and make the transition to minimalism a tad easier.

  4. Pause and take a breather

    The fast-paced 21 century has made us forget the importance of halting and resting our minds. Every once in a while, stop what are you doing, and look around. Take deep breaths and observe the world around you. It can help you gain insights about yourself.
    Life feels a little better and less monotonous when we stop taking things for granted. Indulge in simple pleasures such as watching birds flutter around on trees, listening to the sound of the wind rustling, or anything that brings you peace.


Practice Gratitude and Focus on Contentment

You’ve probably heard this a million times but it cannot be stressed enough because it works every time. When you think from a place of gratitude and contentment, it is easy to resist the allure of the vicious cycle of always wanting more, better, or newer.

You’re able to restructure your thought process and shift your focus to what you have now and how it is enough for you. Celebrating what you have is an essential aspect of minimalism.



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