How to Embrace Change and Let Go

Vending machines, wet babies and busy cashiers – the only ones who like change as far as the saying goes. It might sound funny, but it is true. For most people, embracing change is like acknowledging climate change, it just doesn’t happen that easily. Familiarity makes us get used to following a hard and fast routine without thinking or wondering too hard. And well, thinking is an honest day’s work.

We often become stagnant and refuse to accept that things are not the way they used to be anymore. The comfort of familiarity is hard to let go whether it is a habit, a city, a job or a person. It becomes all the more gut-wrenching when the change happening in our lives is something negative and unwanted. It’s even worse when we purposely resist change and start living in denial. Denial can look like clinging on to things or people you’re too afraid to let go. It can also be passive or oblivious behaviours to the new facts and the imminent change.

Fight or flight reactions are absolutely normal because change is perceived as a threat by our brain. What’s important is to push ourselves to ease into new territory once the nerves are settled from the initial shock. The void inside from a loss is bound to disappear gradually if you are willing to move forward with strength and determination. This is what ascension looks like.

The excruciating stages of acceptance and the road to recovery might look like giant cinders of flaming hot molten rocks waiting to burn us down. However, in reality, these blocks are stepping-stones, not barbaric barriers. We are meant to climb them instead of lifting them and breaking our backs. It is easier said than done, but humans as a species have always been destined to grow and evolve into something more and something better. Growth is a phenomenon to be cherished and celebrated.

Change and growth are essentially like promotions at work. You don’t say no to climbing the ladder at work and earning more. You don’t miss getting your previous paycheck either because now you’ll be getting more. Think of life in the same way!

Change is inevitable and inescapable. We welcome new habits, opportunities and gains only when we close the lid on the jar of the past. Embracing our successes and failures in equal measure enables us to enjoy the present and create a future without dwelling on things and people we’ve left behind.


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