How to Beat the Pandemic Blues

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed our life and all the things we took for granted are no longer a part of the new normal. So, how do we navigate through these tough times and stay in control of our mental well being? Every day is a challenge for survival and everyone is doing the best they can to avoid this dreadful disease. Here are some useful tips for you to consider in order to beat the pandemic blues.

Take a break from news

Avoid reading about covid-19 related news and stats daily. It can take a toll on your mental health. 

Identify the triggers of anxiety and also, what helps you calm down after an anxiety attack.

Increase your awareness about self-care practices.

Declutter your relationships

Develop healthy bonds and let go of relationships where you feel small and disrespected.

Stay in touch with your friends or avoid overstimulation through video calls, con calls, etc, depending upon what suits you and your unique needs.

Build your own sanctuary

Create a home environment that is soothing and calming for your nerves. Choose light shades to paint your walls, and throw away any clutter that makes it difficult for you to keep your home tidy.

Try gardening

Build a beautiful garden where you can grow something or spend time with your plants daily. Make your indoor space green and welcoming by adding some plants and fairy lights. Your pandemic blues will be a thing of the past when you feel good to be right where you are – happily at home.

Work-life balance

Try to maintain some work-life balance as the pandemic has seen a rise in work hours during the pandemic. As per a report published in the Economist, endless emails and longer video meetings have led to longer working hours for many countries around the world.

Stay true to yourself

Feel your feelings instead of trying to be brave or positive all the time. If you feel afraid or uncertain, feel free to express your thoughts to a loved one. By sharing with someone who can empathise, we feel a lot better and heard.

Plan your day in advance

Knowing how you are going to spend your days will help you cope better with the pandemic blues. Instead of going about your day without knowing what to do, plan in advance all the things you have always to do but couldn’t due to time constraints. Practice art journaling, start a new fitness routine, try yoga, eat healthier – make small changes each day that help you feel better.

Parenting is not easy

Keeping your kids busy and safe during the pandemic is not at all an easy task. Connect with other parents and form a group, if it helps you when you vent and discuss. Exchange ideas for entertainment or things to do/try with your kids. A lot of online resources, games, virtual tours and other options have emerged and as a parent, one will certainly find these helpful. Be kind to yourself when everything feels too hard and your home looks like a mess. There will always be good and bad days.

Nature is the greatest healer

There’s nothing that will help you stay sane and well, as much as the sights and sounds of a beautiful river, the sea, white sand beaches or green hills. The beauty of Earth can make us forget about our worries and help us reconnect with our inner self. Those who set out on a journey to connect deeply with nature often end up finding themselves.


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