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Most of us wants to reduce weight by doing rigorous exercises, performing yoga and going to gym but no one actually understands how this fat leaves our body. When one consumes more calories, it gets converted into energy and then extra calories consumed covert into lipid around fat cells causing weight gain.

Fats are of two types essential fats and storage body fats. Essential body fat is the required body fat one must have in their body to function properly whereas storage body fat is the stubborn layer of fat which is the reason of many diseases and in turn need to get rid of. During stress, fever and exercises some hormones and enzymes which helps storage body fats to convey into beige fats. Once beige fats are there in body, one can see a significant change as it increases the chances of burning fat in much faster rate.
Various activities like exercising, intermittent fasting or dieting produces a hormone called as HGH or Human Growth Hormone which breaks down fatty cells and gets mixed with oxygen. Fat leaves the body in two forms – air and water. Researches show that more than 80% of fat leaves our body in form of carbon dioxide we exhale while performing various activities thus making lungs a major organ contributing in this journey that is the more you breathe, the more you lose. The Rest of the body fat is released in through sweat, urine, tears, feces and other statutory liquids.
How to actually make fat loss happen-
1. Calorie deficit diet- Follow a simple rule of consuming less but effective and burning more. Over eating leads to
more lipid(fat) production and does not help in dissolving previous fat cells so instead of that low calorie eating will target previous cells creating a huge impact.
2. Physical activity-sitting all day long at a place will only make one obese instead of that engage into some work to increase metabolism in day-to-day life only like parking car slight far or playing with kids or taking small walk breaks in work schedule.
3. Mindful eating- Eating a balanced diet with pre planning helps to keep a check on day to day eating habits and mid time hunger problems making a significant change in fat loss journey.
4. Cardiovascular exercises- As breathing dissolves more fat, one should cut some time for cardiovascular exercises like walking and jogging which helps in more fat loss.
It’s not easy to get rid of body fat but with right attitude, diet,breathe and exercise anyone can make it happen. There are supplements in the market which claims to burn fat in certain few days but its not at all effective and healthy in long run. Applying shortcuts will not help make your body move and lead to a healthier and thinner life.

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