How To Have Healthy Communication In Relationships

The foundation of healthy relationships is strong communication. The nature of any relationship is no more prominent than the ability to have meaningful and thoughtful conversations.

Tragically, the ability to effectively communicate with others is not something that is always taught to us. Most tend to learn these skills over time through trial and error, or by accident.

If you haven’t had a chance to expand the way you communicate with your partner, don’t fret. There’s always time and scope for improvement.

Here are some vital tips to improve your communication in relationships: 

Listen, Listen, Listen

It cannot get any simpler and easier than this in theory. However, a lot of people are actually poor listeners. Communication isn’t just about talking, it’s also about being an active listener. A good conversation is about listening as intently as you talk.

For instance, let’s say you experienced an uplifting incident during your day, but your partner’s day did not go well. In this case, put your enthusiasm aside and listen to what your partner has to say. It is okay to not say anything or give any advice. More often than not, your significant other just wants you to lend an ear and not give any advice. Listening patiently is also a wonderful way to show that you love your partner.

Be responsive in a conversation

Good communication is not just limited to listening. It also involves responding in an appropriate and timely manner. Couples often complain about their partners not giving appropriate responses to them. This creates tension and a perceived notion about the partner being disinterested or self-absorbed.

There is more to healthy communication in relationships than just not speaking. Look into the eyes of your significant other when you’re talking to them. Project a positive, accepting body language which shows your interest and respect for your partner. Nodding, smiling, laughing, etc. help initiate a healthy and welcoming dialogue. Responding non-verbally through gestures creates an open and trusted space for a couple to share everything comfortably.

Say goodbye to assumptions

One of the biggest hindrances in quality communication is making assumptions. Stop assuming because it often leads to misunderstandings and conflict. Eliminate all possibilities of “must be(s)” in your thoughts and let your partner reason for their faults by themselves.

Your girlfriend might be quiet because she is feeling anxious. Your husband might be late because he was stuck in traffic. It would be convenient to assume that your girlfriend has lost interest in you or your husband is having an affair. Assuming the worst is only going to make you lash out unnecessarily at your partner. Instead, what would be more helpful is being understanding and empathetic to your partner’s situation. This plays a big role in improving the quality of communication in a relationship.

Practice the art of finding the middle ground

Being able to find the middle ground in any conversation implies that both of you surrender something while being understanding of the other person’s feelings behind their words. All connections require this important aspect as it helps to build a healthier relationship.

Honesty above everything else

Silent treatment and lying are the two biggest culprits of communication gaps in relationships. The first step is to be honest with yourself. If you cannot be honest yourself, chances are that you’ll not be authentic with your partner as well. Being truthful, especially during difficult conversations, projects emotional maturity and more successful conflict resolution. Relationships are built on a solid foundation of healthy communication.

Lying is just another form of avoidance. Lying about how you feel might temporarily avert the situation, but it’s only going to escalate the situation in the future. Target immediate honesty over long-term regret. Honesty paves the way for trust to build, enabling both the partners to be more open and supportive of one another. Don’t forget that honesty and trust are practically synonyms in any kind of bond, not just romantic relationships.


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