Zen Habits That Help You Achieve Goals Faster

Our generation religiously follows a Hustle culture – always pushing itself to its limits, filling ourselves up to the brim.

But when everyone says, “Struggle until you reach your goal.”, no one talks about the stress, anxiety and even the depression that follows.

In a generation which glorifies struggle, what if we told you that you can peacefully succeed in life?

If you are someone who wishes to fulfil your goals without forfeiting your mental health, then a Zen Lifestyle is exactly what you are looking for.

‘Zen’ is derived from Buddhism. Its meaning is said to be so profound that an ordinary mind cannot grasp it; and so, ‘Zen is Zen’ is the best definition. Out of many things, Zen is supposed to lead to FULFILMENT. By establishing connection with inner self, forming greater understanding of life, calming the mind to reach peace and infusing it with empathy – Zen renders life complete in its presence. Practiced mainly in China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, Zen is gaining popularity in Europe and the United States as well.

So here are some Zen habits you can start developing in daily life to help you achieve your goals faster :

1. Be Present

Our minds run faster than our bodies ever could. Thinking an average of 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day, our minds are always somewhere of their own. Urge your mind to be present. This can be done through meditation and chanting (an affirmation or a phrase such as ‘I am here’, or ‘I am present’ – anything which catches your focus). Starting with short periods of time, learn to eliminate all thoughts and summon your mind to the present moment. To harness over your mind is to gain control of the path of your life.

2. Exercise

It is equally important to establish a connection with your body, as is with your mind. So, the first initiative you can take is to develop a daily routine of exercising. Whether it is taking a walk, cycling, skipping ropes, badminton or whatever you enjoy. Make sure to exercise your body and you will see a significant change in 2 weeks.

3. Single tasking

Develop focus on one thing and put more emphasis on quality than quantity. Set a goal, write it down, visualise it daily and prioritize it over everything else. Instead of multitasking, keep a single task and work on it consistently for a particular amount of time until you achieve it. If it’s a bigger goal, break the timeline of the process into multiple parts lasting for one month each.

For smaller goals, such as exercising daily, waking up early, eating breakfast etc. perform them by focusing on each one individually for about a month until it becomes a habit. Instead of perfecting your life all at once, try to shift your focus on one small thing and develop one good habit at once.

4. Kindness

Perform one act of kindness or incorporate a kind attitude into your interaction with other people, or sit in a crowded place and observe strangers, trying to put yourself in their shoes. Kindness is an essential component of Zen, and such exercises will invoke empathy, challenge your patience, develop your understanding, and give you a bigger perspective towards life. What you give will find its way back to you, and so making kindness a part of your daily routine will bring you positivity in yourself and change other people’s attitude towards you. Focus on it for the same duration as everything else – one month (and positively, it will become a habit). This will greatly impact your life.

5. Make your work your pleasure

Peace is a key component of Zen, and very naturally, we are the least at peace when we’re doing something we don’t enjoy. The challenges on the way to success often prompt us to step out of our comfort zones, so it seems almost impossible to maintain a composure throughout. Here, a shift in perspective can make a big difference. Change the definition/terminology of ‘work’ in your mind. Instead of viewing work as an obligation, try to make it into something you look forward to. Consider stepping out of your comfort zone as a new opportunity to explore and you will find it becoming fun and interesting for you soon enough. Enjoy your work (it’s not a hustle) and once you do, your work reciprocates, leading you to a brighter path.


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