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Green Peas Are A Superfood and Here’s Why

Green peas are a superfood, and also a vegetable loved around the world for being delicious. The green pea as we know it today is only green because it’s picked when it’s still immature. A ripe pea is yellowish. Eating peas when they are green became fashionable in the 1600s and 1700s but the French thought it was madness to eat them green. In China, pea leaves are considered a delicacy. We usually don’t think about green peas as an exotic food in terms of nutrient composition—but we should. One serving of peas contains the equivalent Vitamin C as 2 large apples and a 100-calorie serving of peas contains more protein than a whole egg or tablespoon of peanut butter. The unique phytonutrients in green peas also provide us with key antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Here’s a quick look at some top health benefits of Green Peas:

Good for Heart Health

Magnesium, potassium, and calcium make Green Peas a heart-healthy food option. By reducing high blood pressure they help prevent heart disease, and keep it in good condition. That’s why green matar is such a popular vegetable in Indian dishes.

They are fibre-rich

Fibre-rich foods are good for our gut and they keep us feeling full for longer. This in turn suppresses unhealthy cravings and we are able to eat healthy. Overeating can be avoided by choosing to eat fibre-rich foods such as green peas.

They boost metabolism

When our metabolism is good we burn calories and avoid gaining too much weight. Those who include green peas to their diet will be boosting their metabolism with this superfood.

They are low in calories

There are only 62 calories per 1/2-cup (170-gram) serving and by eating low calorie meals, we can avoid consuming extra calories that we cannot burn. Eating low calorie but nutrient rich organic food is the best way to stay fit and healthy.

Help fight inflammation

Vitamins and nutrients found in green peas are anti-inflammatory, thereby reducing risks of arthritis and heart disease. Our energy levels improve and our body’s functioning improves when we eat food that helps us keep inflammation at bay.

Improved eye health

Carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin present in green peas make it an excellent food for good vision. By eating green peas regularly, you can prevent age-related macular degeneration. Zinc in green peas is a vitamin good for eye health.

Protection against some cancers

Research suggests that by consuming green peas we may protect ourselves and reduce our risks from some cancers. More research is needed but as per researchers there is probable evidence that foods with high dietary fibre may help us prevent colorectal cancer.

They help build a strong immune system

Green peas are a must have to boost your immunity because it’s a natural antioxidant. Your immune system receives a big help when you choose to eat foods that are antioxidants. By consuming more plant-based antioxidant foods you can address low immunity related signs and symptoms. Green peas being a rich source of Vitamin C and E, Zinc is great for building immunity.


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