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Fenugreek Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Fenugreek, which is also known as methi, is an indispensable ingredient in the Indian cuisine. Apart from being added to curries, it is also used as a flavouring agent for maple syrup and rum. It originated in Southern Europe and Western Asia. This annual plant reduces high blood cholesterol level and improves digestion. It can also relieve symptoms of fever, insomnia and inflammation. Apart from its health benefits, fenugreek also has a lot of other versatile uses. Dried fenugreek leaves are effective insect repellents. Moreover, roasted fenugreek seeds can be used as a substitute for coffee. Interestingly enough, ancient Egyptians used fenugreek for embalming.

Natural relief for menstrual cramps

Fenugreek has alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, tannins, plant sterols, coumarins, terpenoids, curcumins and lignins. These active plant compounds could be the reason why fenugreek is so effective for reducing period pain. Inflammation caused by the excess production of prostaglandins can be curbed by regular intake of methi leaves/water (prepared by soaking methi seeds).

Lowers blood sugar levels

Eating 1 gram of fenugreek seeds daily will work wonders on your health. You will experience the benefits of reducing blood sugar and this has proven to be helpful for diabetes patients as well. It slows down digestion and improves other metabolic symptoms. It has been used in traditional ayurvedic medicine for a number of ailments.

Boosts libido and testosterone production

Fenugreek is a natural aphrodisiac and it boosts both male and female sex drive. It may increase serum-testosterone even in healthy middle aged and older men.

Great for hair health

Fenugreek comes packed with iron and protein, and this helps with healthy hair growth. The flavonoids and saponins present in fenugreek are anti-inflammatory and they help make our hair strong and healthy.

Drink methi water for weight loss

Methi boosts metabolism and improves digestion. It is also used as an appetite suppressant. One can prepare methi tea by boiling 1-2 tsp of methi seeds. This water helps improve our digestive health and makes fat burning easier.

Increases breast milk production

Fenugreek is a natural herbal remedy for increasing the production of breast milk.


Fenugreek helps manage symptoms of menopause and in China, it’s widely used to ease hot flashes in women going through menopause.

Summary: In traditional medicine in eastern cultures, Fenugreek is used to treat gout, heart burn, sexual problems, increase production of breast milk, hair growth stimulation, cure constipation, etc.


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