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Feel Healthy At Any Age With These Practices

Feeling healthy at any age is possible when we live a balanced lifestyle that takes into account one’s mind, body and soul. There are quite a few women who go into panic mode the moment they hit their 40s or 50s. Obsessing over every line and wrinkle on your face is the worst possible thing you could do right now. The right approach to getting older is to consider age as a testimony of your having lived and experienced the wonderful things that have made you the person you are today. Although we cannot stop the ageing process we must adjust our attitudes to embrace this and aim to make our life enriching and interesting. A few small changes in your lifestyle like a healthier diet, increased physical activity, revamped skincare routine and developing new interests can make you feel and look fabulous at any age.

An active lifestyle

Your body’s metabolism might not be as fast as it would have been in your twenties or even your thirties and you might feel the need to increase your physical activity to keep the extra kilos at bay. The right combination of diet and exercise can be your greatest friend now.

Eating right helps

When it comes to your diet eating right is the key. Give up foods that are unhealthy and include foods that are nutritious. Indulge in a little of everything that you fancy but do not go overboard. Remember that everything can be had in moderation and depriving yourself is not the answer. Preparing healthy meals at home will not only allow you to control what you are putting into your body but will allow you to spend quality time with your family at the dinner table. Portion control and enjoying your meal instead of hurrying through it are also some other ways, which will help you control your diet.

A great skincare routine

Your skin needs extra attention now and an irregular skincare schedule will just not cut it, if you wish to stay healthy at any age. It is more important than ever for you to have a proper routine in place along with having regular facials done.  Think of this not as a necessity but as an opportunity to pamper yourself. Never forget sunblock even if you are going to be indoors. Incorporate foods that will make your skin supple and glowing like berries, avocados, dates, eggs, fish and almonds along with lots of water. Also, smoking and the consumption of alcohol can really take a toll on your skin so you must give these up immediately if you indulge in them.

Accept yourself and love yourself fully

Falling prey to the fear of aging and attempting quick-fixes and extreme measures like surgery is the worst thing you could do to yourself right now. Instead, try updating your wardrobe or getting a new hairstyle, which is an instant pick-me-up and will help you feel glamorous. Accepting yourself for who you are and doing an honest assessment of the things that you want to change in your life will go a long way in making you happy and satisfied not only in your forties but in life. Take some time out for yourself and treat yourself to something special occasionally.  The right grooming, attitude and perfect balance of emotional, spiritual and mental health is the key to being fabulous in your forties.


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