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5 Exercises To Boost Your Metabolism

The pandemic has gotten most of us sitting at our desk at home all day, lying in bed browsing the next Netflix show to binge on, or reaching for the fridge to fill the void that the uncertainty of the pandemic has brought upon us. It has left us low on energy with our waistline ever increasing. Here are five simple exercises that will help you boost your metabolism to fight the pandemic blues:


High-intensity interval training means alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. You can incorporate your favourite exercises until you feel almost breathless and then have a short period of rest and start all over again. Here’s a simple HIIT routine you can do with no equipment to boost your metabolism: 

30s jump lunge

30s bear crawler

30s plank

30s jumping jacks

30s bicycle crunch

30s rest

Repeat 3-5 times


Aerobic exercises are said to be the best way to fix a broken metabolism. Swimming being one of the most intense yet fun aerobic exercises, you can easily burn 430-575 calories while swimming leisurely. It helps you beat the summer heat and increase your metabolism simultaneously! Also, it will keep your heart in a healthy condition and help you avoid many diseases. Maintaining a healthy weight is easier with swimming.


Why not use your weekend to clear your mind reconnecting with nature while also burning a few extra calories? Hiking will fire up your metabolism by making you burn around 400 calories while giving your lungs fresh air. That is why it’s a must to make it a lifestyle choice.

Jump rope

Did you know that you can burn as much as 990 calories if you jump 120 skips per hour? And you don’t even have to leave the house! Incorporate a simple jumping rope into your daily routine for a healthier heart!

Stationary running

A lot of us hate exercising outdoors and running in the scorching heat. Worry not, this exercise doesn’t involve going out at all! What’s more beautiful about this workout is that you can easily do it in between your schedules anytime anywhere. Moreover, you still burn up to 563 calories an hour. Your metabolism will surely receive a great boost.


Want to train your muscles while also losing tons of calories? Kickboxing might just be the exercise for you. Not only will it increase your strength, it also trains your muscle and makes it more difficult for your body to gain the fat back. Kickboxing can burn around 582-862 calories per hour. Your tension will ease off after kicking and punching your frustrations away. Your body will thank you too!

Exercise is extremely important at every size no matter how tall, short, thin, fat you are and isn’t only for losing weight. Humans are not meant to sit inside in front of our screens all day. So why don’t you incorporate one of these simple exercises in your daily life or maybe even in the weekend and see if you feel lighter?


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