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Eat Healthy, Be Nutrition Wealthy: A Guidebook of Healthy Weight loss Diet Plan

We all want to eat right. We also know that a whole plant-based diet is highly beneficial.

But, it is not really easy to come across recipes that are practical, diverse, taste-satisfying, or delicious. In fact, most recipes that we see, aren’t even suited to the Indian palate.

Tackling that problem, along with an understanding that it is not easy to start on a plant-based diet, we present this book of recipes. Curated specially for the common Indian who wishes to not just lose weight but gain stamina and strength, it is written under the wonderful guidance of Dr Nandita Shah, the recipient of the prestigious Nari Shakti Award 2016, the highest award for women in India.

In this book, you will find diet charts, excellent substitutes to animal products, and, of course, a host of amazing recipes filled with nutrition to satisfy your appetite and cravings.