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Easy Fitness Hacks To Transform Your Life

Fitness can be achieved with a great fitness routine that targets overall wellness and helps you feel healthier. However, it’s mental strength and subconscious programming that determines whether we will struggle or easily stay on track. For some people, it takes 21 days to form a new habit and for others it can take anywhere between 90-254 days. If we do something for 90 days or longer, chances of it becoming automatic and a part of our lifestyle are much higher. We stop craving when we cross the 90-day threshold. The 21/90 rule requires us to commit to a goal and stick to it for 21 days straight and continue to do it for another 90 days. This is a popular method to form new healthy habits and to let go of the ones that don’t serve us.

Described below are some easy fitness hacks to incorporate into your daily routine:

Workout before having a shower: Sweating it out before having a shower will bring you closer to your fitness goals. You will be burning calories when you spend time doing some quick cardio exercises to sweat it out. Jump rope exercises, running on the treadmill, or planks are some exercises you can try to stay fit.

Intermittent fasting: there are different types of intermittent fasting patterns to choose from. 18/6 and 16/8 are some popular methods where a person fasts for 18 or 16 hours and has an eating window or 6/8 hours depending upon the method they choose. By alternating between eating and fasting, we can improve our metabolic health and experience healthy weight loss. Fat loss happens each day when we are intermittent fasting, as we allow the body to switch to fat burning mode during the fast. It improves our overall health and energy levels over a period of time and we become mindful of what we are eating as well. A shift in mindset can be expected when one becomes habitual of fasting intermittently.

Drink enough water: It’s the easiest thing to incorporate in your lifestyle yet many have a tendency to forget this fitness hack. Dehydration can be mistaken for hunger or cravings. By staying hydrated at all times, we will be eating less and not gaining those extra pounds. Also, one must drink herbal tea and detox drinks such as turmeric tea, lemon water, ginger water, etc.

Ride a bike to work or anywhere you can – riding a bike daily will definitely be a bonus for staying in good shape. It’s a fun low impact form of exercise that helps people of all age groups. It can boost your mood and help you improve your mental health.

Jumping jacks – you can burn additional calories daily by repeating 3 sets of 100 jumping jacks. It’s a good exercise to boost one’s metabolism and improve digestive health.

Yoga Asanas before sleeping – if the last thing you do before sleeping is practice relaxing yoga asanas that promote good sleep, your fitness goals will always be easier to achieve. Savasana (the corpse pose) allows you to focus on your breath and let go of all stress and worries. Legs up the wall or viparita karani pose is well known for improving blood flow and helping you relax your body and mind. Shishuasana is another relaxing yoga asana you can try for better sleep and relaxation. When our body is fully relaxed, our quality of sleep improves and this plays a vital role in how fit and healthy we are to face the day’s challenges.

Add one new habit at a time to your fitness routine and see how your life improves. We hope these fitness hacks prove to be helpful for staying healthy.

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