The Art of Decluttering For A Healthier You

A very important step in the journey of creating a new you is ‘decluttering’ and it’s not limited to sorting out your wardrobe. There’s so much more to the art of tidying up, and it all begins with the mind. We need to be aware of our unhealthy patterns and outworn habits that stop us from moving forward in life. When we buy more than we need, we are creating a mess and destroying our living space and its energy. It’s important to be mindful of our choices and to choose only that which brings us some form of happiness. Shopping as therapy is one of the worst marketed ideas. We need to outgrow such habits that bring us down and impact the quality of our life.

Here are some ways in which you can declutter your life:

Declutter your bedroom

This is where you rest and your body needs to repair itself through relaxation. If it’s a cluttered space, it may impact your mental health apart from affecting your physical energy.

Declutter your kitchen

Organizing your kitchen is an important step for a healthy life. Place your most important items where you can find them easily. Throw away what you will not be using or anything that has expired. Being a minimalist is the best solution for having a clutter-free kitchen.

Sort out your clothes

When was the last time you wore a particular dress? If you can’t remember when, it’s a sign that you are storing things you don’t really need. Always keep the best of the lot and let your clothes breathe. Know which clothes are meant for hanging and which ones are best for keeping in the cabinet. By sorting out your closet, you will be doing yourself a big favour. It will be easier to maintain your clothes as well as waste less time when you have to get dressed and go somewhere.

Make your living space a welcoming one

Having a pleasing decor and staying in a place that makes you happy is essential to how you feel daily. Feelings help us decide if a situation is making us happy or miserable. Add indoor plants and surround yourself with things that bring back happy memories or create good vibes. Throw away anything that brings back unhappy thoughts and memories. 

Analyse your habits

Which habits of yours are responsible for causing you grief? Understand yourself better and make a plan that addresses what you need to change in your daily routine. When what you do each day is well planned, everything you want will come to you on its own. The daily struggles will stop.

Let go of toxic bonds

Not all friendships are meant to be. Some bonds need to end when we change as people. If you feel you no longer have things in common with someone and discussions feel forced, it’s okay to start distancing yourself gently. It’s important to choose your emotional needs and listen to your heart.


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