How to Build Your Self-Esteem and Confidence

Self-esteem determines what beliefs you have about your worth. If you constantly tell yourself, you can’t possibly do this or that, or that you are not good enough, it’s an issue rooted in low self-esteem. It’s a roadblock to happiness, and also in how you express your needs and desires to others. You may have a tough time saying no even to things that clearly drain you of all energy. You may allow disrespectful behaviour to continue and start resenting yourself for not doing something about it. Healthy boundaries are important as well as building new core beliefs about yourself and your place in the world. We are always whole and complete, and we don’t need anything external to make us feel like we belong. When you build your self-esteem, you are closer than ever before with your life goals.

Here are 10 signs that you may have low self-esteem:

You have a difficulty saying no

You think twice about offending others with your behaviour

Allowing others to take credit for your work

Not speaking up even when you know you are right

Fear of failing and performing in public

Friendships are difficult because you cannot trust them or you feel like an outsider

Constant self-criticism

Uncomfortable with receiving compliments

Feeling fatigued in social situations

Can’t accept love or affection to be true

How to Build your Self Esteem to experience a more fulfilling life:

Work on yourself

You cannot feel confident if you don’t do the inner work required to heal issues and trauma. Let go of negative emotions about yourself and others by being gentle and forgiving. Take each new day as an opportunity to learn something new and to do things better for yourself. Look for opportunities instead of running away from them.

Stop Overthinking

You may feel overwhelmed when you start thinking too deeply about the past or the things that didn’t work. Focus on the present moment and learn to remain calm under stressful situations. Nobody thinks about others as much as we assume – most of us are busy with our own world and problems. If you did something embarrassing, it’s a thing of the past and that is where it stays.

Practice gratitude and joy

If you think morbid thoughts, life will reflect that with situations that are challenging. When we change our thoughts, life changes to match these and we may experience a big difference when we adopt a positive mindset. You may see your low-self esteem issues disappearing when you have faith in yourself and are grateful for life’s many wonders. A happier you stands a better chance at staying confident, no matter what life brings your way.

Stop all comparisons

It does not matter what people of your age have accomplished or how well off your neighbours are. A person who is happy and confident, and has high self esteem will not be bothered by anyone else’s achievements.

Develop healthy habits

Wake up each day with a mindset that aims for change and growth. Make personal growth a top priority to reduce low self-esteem related problems. A person who is happy from within will have much to give to others as well.

About the Author

Gagan Dhawan is a fitness enthusiast, mindfulness advocate, and a firm believer of leading by example. As the Founder of several successful ventures (including, The New Me), Gagan has a rich background in Leadership. His insights have helped shape innumerable lives, and he aims to do more with his latest book ‘Introduction to Wellness: Eat Healthy, Think Healthy, Live Healthy’.

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