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Bitter Gourd: Top Health Benefits and Nutrition

Bitter gourd or karela contains a plethora of important nutrients ranging from magnesium and iron to potassium and vitamin C. Bitter gourd, which is also known as bitter melon originated in Africa. It is widely grown in India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, China and tropical Africa. Most importantly, it also contains p-insulin. This insulin-like compound can help control diabetes naturally.  Bitter gourd juice has powerful antioxidants which improve your hair health and make your skin glow. The juice is a great vegetable for hangovers as well since it cleanses the liver. 

Highlighted below the top health benefits of bitter gourd:

Helps the liver

Eat bitter gourd in moderation and your liver will surely thank you for it. It detoxifies the system and helps it fight against diseases. The properties present in bitter gourd/bitter melon help the cells access the glucose and deliver it to the liver and muscles. It has also been found to reduce inflammation in the liver.

Purification of blood

Bitter gourd has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and this is the reason why it is helpful with purifying the blood. Toxins are removed due to the beneficial effects of consuming bitter gourd. Once a week or once every fortnight is enough to experience the benefits.

Strengthens the immune system

By fighting viruses and bacteria, bitter gourd keeps our immune system strong. As a result, the body has a better chance of fighting off infections. Common cold and flu like symptoms can also be kept at bay by eating this superfood.

Useful for weight loss

The detoxing that happens when we eat bitter gourd helps with our weight loss goals. It improves our metabolic rate and speeds up fat burning in the body. Detox drinks also include bitter gourd as one of the essential ingredients. It reduces the blood sugar levels and makes it easier for the body to prevent obesity symptoms and problems associated with weight gain. It curbs the process of storing insulin as fat, and this helps the body maintain a healthy weight.

Heals the skin

Those suffering from skin problems will surely benefit by making bitter gourd an essential part of their diet. It can be eaten in a number of ways and can be fried with a little bit of oil to eat it cooked. Some prefer drinking a glass of bitter gourd juice but this may not be for everyone. Many are averse to the taste and prefer to eat it cooked. Acne related problems subside when we eat bitter gourd as it improves many bodily functions, including our metabolism, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, iron levels, etc. The antioxidants prevent ageing related signs from showing up and ensure that our skin always glows from within. The purification of blood is also responsible for the improvement in skin health.


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